Karen’s reading project

I came across an interesting bibliography a couple of years ago while at a library book sale, entitled “Lifetime Reading Plan.” It intrigued me, so I snapped it up, and it basically contains a list of the “greatest works” written that are available in the English language. I also borrowed “Great Books of the Christian Tradition” from our library, and used both lists to come up with the list below.

I am planning on attacking this list (one book at a time!), partly for fun and personal enrichment, but partly to prepare myself as a teacher to teach the children how to defend the truth of what they believe. It is important to know what foolishness we are up against in the world, so I am reading the great books containing truth as well as those containing the folly of man.

Here’s a quote from the “Lifetime Reading Plan” that sums up where I’m coming from . . . “The Bible of course is more important than any book on the list, influencing constantly and deeply the lives of all Westerners, including those . . . who claim to be atheists.”

*** April 2019 – I’m in the process of putting the list in a more modern format

I started my reading project formally in 2001 . . . This book is really good!

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